Our passion is building. With extensive knowledge and rich experience, quickly and efficiently we put diverse, often unusual and complex objects.

The founders and owners of the company are engineers Stanislaw Ptaszek and Rafał Kotarba, who for many years managed the biggest construction sites in Poland and abroad, gaining knowledge and practice – now used successfully in his own construction company.

Our main advantages are: professionalism, timeliness of work and the willingness to implement complex and unusual constructions.

We enjoy the trust and long-term partnership cooperation with major global corporations building such as Budimex Dromex, Polimex Mostostal and Mostostal Warszawa, who appreciate the quality of services provided by us, as well as professional skills, integrity, discipline and motivation of RoKo workers.

We employ more than 300 people, most of whom are skilled carpenters and fixers from the South of Poland. We focus very strongly to select the proper workers, and especially to verify their practical skills and to develop them under the guidance of experienced masters and managers.

Our employees are the showcase of the company RoKo, combined with professional management structure and discipline and work culture. This translates into very good quality and timeliness of the works, and consequently the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Our company as one of the very few Polish companies exporting construction services meets the requirements of the EU Directive, while delegating employees to work in the EU countries with the Polish insurance.