Henriksdals reningsverk, HD02, Stockholm


YIT Sverige AB


07.2020 - 07.2021


8.000.000 SEK


The contract works were divided into two main parts: Technical Tunnels and Slam.
Area Technology tunnels include construction work of masonry technical spaces in tunnels,
work with elevator and installation shafts and work with hardened surfaces.
The Slam is very extensive and contains a large volume of concrete
work in rock chambers, of which a large part is gas-tight containers and cast-inplace
structures against rock. The contract also includes a larger building
above ground for future sludge drainage. The building contains a cantilevered
floor with a span of 20m over a large silo shaft, technical spaces, traverse track
etc. The building is 33 x 45 m in area and about 25m high.